Disclaimer -  I want to emphasize that we do not necessarily agree with everything that can be found in the links on this page.  Please do not assume that ALL the views expressed on these websites and by the people they represent are exactly the same as ours.  We encourage you to read our Doctrinal Statement to see what our beliefs are.  These links are provided because we believe they contain information that may be a blessing and help to you.  Please exercise spiritual maturity in your ability to "chew the meat and spit out the bones" when perusing these websites.


http://www.calvarybaptistbeaufort.com - Calvary Baptist Church in Beaufort, SC.  This is our home and sending church.

http://www.wftwbm.org/ - Word For The World Baptist Ministries.  The director is Dr. Homer Smith.  WFTW is a ministry of helps dedicated to serving missionaries in their endeavors to make it to the field and stay there.  They have nearly 30 years of experience. They are not your typical "Mission Board" in that they do not take any percantage of the Missionary's financial support.  They simply operate by faith as the staff members raise their own support.  Their philosophy is that the Missionary is to answer to their local church rather than the "Mission Board".  WFTW simply assists the Missionary in the financial aspect of their ministries and allows the Missionary to be led of God through their local church for everything else.  We are glad to have WFTW backing and assisting us.

http://www.bbbcpottstown.com/ - Home of Bible Believers Baptist Church in Pottstown, PA where Dr. Mike Collingwood is the Pastor.  WFTW Baptist Ministries operates under the authority of this local church.

www.interbiblia.com - Home of Bro. Ulises Velasquez, a good friend and fellow-labourer in the Lord.  Bro. Ulises, a native Mexican, is a missionary and evangelist to Spanish-speaking people who uses the RVG.  He is currently establishing two ministries.  One in Mexico, and one in Yuma, AZ.  He is also a travelling street preacher and has preached in every state in Mexico.

www.humbertogomez.com  - Home of Bro. Humberto Gomez, a dear friend, and missionary to Mexico and the Aztec Indians for over 30 years. 

http://grace.20fr.com/ - Home of Grace Baptist Church in Savannah, GA, a Bible-believing, Independant, Baptist Church with a predominantly black congregation.  These good people are close friends of mine.

http://ibbsmoca.com/ - Home of Bro. Charles Meek, pastor of Iglesia Bautista El Buen Samaritano (The Good Samaritan Baptist Church) in Moca, PR.  Bro. Meek has been a faithful missionary in Puerto Rico for over 30 years.

http://www.lewisinthephilippines.com/ - Home of Bro. Travis Lewis and family, fine missionaries to the Philippines that we support.

http://www.paraguayforjesus.com/  Home of Bro. Mike Wilps and family, Bible-believing missionaries in Paraguay who use the RVG.

http://www.2everycreature.citymax.com/ - Home of Bro. Tim Urling and family, Bible-believing missionaries in Mexico who use the RVG.  Bro. Urling has been used of God to start 5 churches in northern Mexico and a Bible Institute.

http://www.mbbc.tk/ - Home of Bro. Carlos Donate and family, Bible-believing missionaries in Guatemala for over 20 years.  Bro. Donate is a staunch defender of the KJV, the Received Texts, and the RVG. 

www.victorybiblebaptistchurch.com/index.html - Home of Pastor Tim Delello, a personal friend of mine.  Bro. Tim pastors the Victory Bible Baptist Church in Porters Corner, NY.

http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_detail.asp?sourceid=ibi - Home of Dr. Dan Botterbrodt and the Independent Baptist Institute.

www.nielsgadefamily.com/ - Home of Bro. Neils Gade and family, Bible-believing missionaries in the highlands of Papua, New Guinea that we support.

http://relacionconcristopy.blogspot.com - Home of Pastor Nelson Gimenez and Iglesia Bautista Biblica (Bible Baptist Church) of Villeta, Paraguay in South America.  This is a strong all-Paraguayan Bible-believing, soul-winning church that was built upon the RVG Spanish Bible through the leadership of Missionary Mike Wilps.  If you read Spanish, their site will be a blessing to you.

http://www.7creamers.com - Home of Bro. Shawn Creamer and family.  Missionaries to Puerto Rico and Cuba who use the RVG.


www.reinavaleragomez.com -  Everything you need to know about the RVG Spanish Bible is on this site. 

www.rvg.bz/spanishbibleversecomparrisonbyrexcobb.pdf - In this chart, Dr. Rex Cobb of the Baptist Bible Translators Institute compares the different editions of the Reina Valera Bible to the Textus Receptus.  See why the RVG is superior to all others.

www.palabraspuras.wordpress.com/ - This blogspot contains many good articles in Spanish on the Spanish Bible issue written by a veteran Missionary in Chile named Don Heinz.  Highly recommended for our Spanish-speaking brethren.

http://www.reinavaleragomez.com/node/20 - You can download the latest edition of Bro. Gomez's revision of the Reina Valera Bible onto your e-sword program.  If you don't have the e-sword program, GET IT NOW here!

http://www.rices4peru.com/54.html - Missionary Shane Rice compares all of Reina Valera Bibles concerning the word "hell", demonstrating that the doctrine of Hell has been watered down in most of them by replacing "infierno" (hell) with transliterations such as "hades" and "gehenna".  Yet another reason why Bro. Gomez's revision was necessary.

http://www.biblef ortoday.org/ForeignBibles/spanish_bible.asp - Article by Bro. Humberto Gomez explaining his motive behind his revision, a public endorsement by Dr. D. A. Waite, and a detailed chart by Dr. Rex Cobb comparing the major versions of the Reina Valera Bible documenting how many times each one departs from the Textus Receptus.

***The latest edition of the RVG is now available at www.rvg.bz through Victory Baptist Press in Milton, FL.

The RVG is also available at the following Fundamental Independent Baptist ministries:


www.av1611.com/kjbp/ - The King James Bible Page. This site contains several excellent articles concerning the Bible issue. The page entitled Westcott & Hort's Magic Marker Binge is a very good resource outlining most of the Critical Text corruptions (mainly omissions) that can be found in Modern Versions.

http://www.kjbresearchcouncil.com - Home of the King James Bible Research Council, a new organization committed to the study and defense of the King James Bible.

www.wcbible.org/ - The home of the William Carey Bible Society.  This organization is headed up by Dr. Phil Stringer and exists for the purpose of identifying and supporting good Foreign Bibles that are based upon the Received Texts and the King James Bible.  They provide a list of such translations   This is a good resource for any Bible-believing Missionary called to minister to a non-English speaking people.

http://www.biblefortoday.org/PDF/Defending_The_KJB.pdf - This is a pdf file of a pamphlet by Dr. D. A. Waite entitled 4 Reasons For Defending The King James Bible which is a condensed version of his excellent book The King James Version Defended.  This book irrefutably outlines what Dr. Waite refers to as a Four-Fold Superiority of the KJV as opposed to all other modern English versions.  He demonstrates the superiority of the KJV's Texts, Translators, Techniques, and Theology.  A must read.

http://www.buzzardhut.net/index/htm/Forever.Settled.pdf - This is a pdf file of the entire book Forever Settled by Jack Moorman.  This book was the textbook we used for Manuscript Evidence class at the Beaufort Bible Institute.  Anyone desiring to take a more serious look into the background of the manuscripts that underlie the Bible needs to read this work.  In my opinion, this book is one of the best, if not THE best, on the subject.

http://www.feasite.org/Tracts/fbconies.htm - Links to the entire book Conies, Brass, & Easter by Jack Moorman.  This book deals with 21 so-called "problems" that critics claim exist in the King James Bible, of which the most notable one is the rendering of "Easter" in Acts 12.  This material will demonstrate the ignorance of those who want to claim these passages are incorrect in the King James Bible.

http://www.trinitarianbiblesociety.org/site/articles/tr-art.asp - This is a brief but very informative article put out by the Trinitarian Bible Society explaining what the Textus Receptus is.  Critics of the KJV like to point out that there are variations between the different editions of the TR.  This article will give you an understanding of the TR and show why the few variations do not serve as an argument against the KJV.  A must read!

www.deanburgonsociety.org - Home of the Dean Burgon Society.  The best information on the Received Texts which underlie the KJB is found here.  This is the place to go if you wish to learn more about the Traditional Texts that led to the making of the KJB.

www.theoldpathspublications.com/ - The home of Dr. H.D.Williams, Vice President of the Dean Burgon Society.  Dr. Williams is the author of the important book Word For Word Translating of the Received Texts.  Go to his site to find more info on this book as well as other related material.

http://brandplucked.webs.com/articles.htm  - This page includes a vast collection of articles by Will Kinney defeating all the latest arguments by critics of the KJV. 


http://www.sermonaudio.com/main.asp- Tons of good preaching on the Internet. 

http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Great%20Men%20of%20God/billy_sunday-video.htm - An actual video of Billy Sunday preaching.  You've got to see this!

http://www.biblefortoday.org/Videos/dbs2007s.htm - Video of Bro. Humberto Gomez preaching on the Spanish Bible Issue. 

www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=713081320213 - Video of my address to the Dean Burgon Society concerning Why I Use the Reina Valera Gomez Bible.  Click on the Flash Player for a very clear video.


http://www.e-sword.net/ - Free downloads of Bibles, commentaries, charts from Clarence Larkin's Dispensational Truth, dictionaries, study aids, and much more.  You MUST have this program on your computer.  This program has been a huge blessing to me in my personal studies.

http://biblebelievers.com/StreetPreaching1.html - The Street Preacher's Home Page.  Some good information for those involved with the open air ministry.

http://www.biblegateway.com/versions/ - Many different Bibles online. 

www.rae.es/rae.html - The official Spanish dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spain online.  This dictionary is the authority and standard for words in the Castilian language.

www.codex-sinaiticus.net/ - This website has the famous Codex Sinaiticus (Aleph) manuscript online in high resolution.  This is the oldest Greek Codex extant dating back to the 4th century.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the 2 most corrupt Greek manuscripts in existence alongside Codex Vaticanus (B).  All Critical Texts are based on these 2 corrupt manuscripts.  A good article about these manuscripts can be found here (by Dr. David Brown). 

www.bmtm.org/ - Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry. If you are an Independent Baptist missionary on furlough and you need a vehicle, BMTM can meet your transportation needs. They have a good variety of vehicles that you can rent on a monthly basis while on furlough.

http://gotprint.net/g/welcome.do - Gotprint.com is where we had our prayer cards made. Their services are excellent and the most affordable that we have found. Every missionary we have talked to has told us that these people have the best deals for making 4 x 6 prayer cards (full gloss both sides), brochures, business cards, etc.

www.mcpixl.com/ - This Christian run graphics design business produced our prayer cards.  They do an excellent and professional job.  Very affordable as well.  For Missionaries starting deputation, this is who I recommend to do prayer cards, brochures, etc. 

http://www.todayinbibleprophecy.org/ - This is the home of Today In Bible Prophecy ministries and Evangelist August Rosado.  Bro. Rosado (a Puerto Rican) is a KJV Bible-believing Independent Baptist evangelist who specializes in the area of prophecy, Israel, and eschatology.  I recommend his preaching and his material.